Paying for College

Interns Paid for Good Grades

What does it take to inspire college students to get good grades? Similarly, what drives high schoolers to burn the midnight oil? For the former group, a high GPA opens the door to more and better job opportunities. For the latter, younger group, a higher class rank means a possible better shot at a more competitive college where they can reinitialize their variables and begin the manic pursuit of good grades all over again. What else, though, can provide a carrot on a stick for these strivers, especially those who strive in the vaunted halls of ivy? Hint: It's a four-letter word.

C-A-S-H. The local newspaper here in my region is always running pictures of grade-school students who have earned free hamburgers or books by having good report cards. That same principle has now been extrapolated and applied to college students interning with companies, as part of their undergraduate curriculum. The companies for which they work (at least some of them) are rewarding high academic performance with money. Whatever it takes, eh?

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