International Student Anxious About Limited Course and Extracurricular Opportunities

Question: Where I live we don't have rigorous classes, AP classes or college prep courses, well we do have but only in private high schools where tuition fees are not on my acces. Here the education system is very different so I don't have access to all those amazing extracurriculars that Americans do in school. I want to know if you have any advice for me so I can meet the college desires in other ways. For example since I don't have the option to take AP History what can I do to make it seem like I learned History in other ways. I would appreciate any tips in all areas: academics, extracurriculars, community service, anything you think is relevant. Also do admission officers realize that international student don't have the same opportunities or they evaluate your application like any other. Hope that you could answer, this is making me very anxious. Thanks!

Whether a high school student lives in the US or outside of it, college admission officials are aware of what academic and extracurricular activities are available there. This is particularly true for international applicants whose schools rarely offer the range of Advanced Placement classes or extracurricular offerings that American high schools typically provide.

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