Inside College Admissions

Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside the closed-door conference rooms of colleges as they make their decisions about the mountains of applications they face every fall and winter? There are a number of books out there that promise to expose the truth about what goes on. Television shows and even movies have been made that try to give us an idea of the real world college admission committees live in.

Surveys and studies offer more insights. I once reported on a study about legacy admissions that said, “… 30 highly selective colleges conducted by a Harvard University researcher found that legacy applicants–students who have a family connection at a school–have a significant advantage in admission.”

The results, in part, noted that “applicants to a parent’s alma mater had, on average, seven times the odds of admission of nonlegacy applicants, The New York Times reported. By comparison, students whose parents did graduate work there or who had a grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle who attended the school were only twice as likely to be admitted …

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