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Inside A Professor's Head

I recall with great fondness sitting in my college classes and wondering what my professors' true motives were. Some seemed apathetic. Some were extremely passionate. Others were rather matter of fact. A few acted like they were doing us a favor by showing up to disperse their elegant pearls of wisdom before us mere swine students. Usually, that latter group had Teaching Assistants (TAs) at the ready to take over the instant the lecture was finished, similar to a press secretary taking questions after the president hurriedly departs the rostrum.

Those of you seniors who are anticipating your first-year experiences in the halls of ivy may be wondering about what you will encounter in the way of professorial behavior, motives, and demeanor. Along those lines, have you ever perused the opinions on Of course, there are myriad motivations for posting the likes of some of those opinions, but many are quite entertaining. For example:

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