Preparing for College

The Ins and Outs of College

If you have been paying attention to the news over the past decade, you may have made note of reports about wars. At some point during those stories, there may have also been video of various news conferences with generals and other high-ranking military personnel. Eventually, you would have heard the term “exit strategy.” Thus the point of what we’ll discuss today.

For those of you parents who either have a child in college currently or will have one enrolled this fall or next, it would serve you well to think about their exit strategy. In many cases these days, making the transition into college is significantly easier than crossing the bridge out of college into the so-called real world of jobs, debt, and career development.

Unfortunately, many parents think that once the college admissions process battle is over, things will pretty much be on cruise control straight through graduation and into the post-grad world. That’s not what usually happens, though. According to Jane Horowitz of, “A full 71% of parents were involved or highly involved in their child’s college admission process, with one-third paying for outside resources, including exam prep courses, tutoring, essay coaches and application consultants, according to interviews and a national survey of 250 parents of college students and recent graduates.” Well, we all should know about helicopter parents.

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