Is Indie Film Making an Application-Worthy Extracurricular?

Question: My son has a passion for film making. He has taken classes in both school and in the summer and has made films. However, he has never submitted them for festivals or awards. Is this still a good extracurricular? He is considering submitting a film to the schools to show what he is working on.

Film-making—even when done informally and without the intent to wow festival audiences or earn awards—can be a plus at admission-decision time. BUT … ever since the iPhone replaced the camcorder as a household staple, student film-makers have abounded, some quite accomplished, and thus it can be tough for teenagers to stand out in a talented crowd. So if your son does plan to submit his work to colleges, he should first seek some independent opinions (e.g., from his high school and summer-school teachers, not just from mom, dad, and Granny 😉 ). Perhaps he has already received high praise through his classes, but he also might want to check out prize-winning student films online to help assess how his own efforts stack up against those from the wider world.

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