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India Grading American Students' Papers

I remember my first semester of freshman English in college. I thought I was a decent writer, since I had received a lot of encouragement from my high school English (and other) teachers, so I looked forward to that first paper on D.H. Lawrence's The Horse Dealer's Daughter. Imagine my shock when it came back and I saw that nasty old "C-" grade scrawled at the top, along with way too many (in my view) picky red-line comments. Welcome to the NFL.

The good news is that I made the necessary adjustments and survived frosh English quite well, as well as the rest of my collegiate writing assignments. Being able to visit my respective professors and discuss those style issues was a big help. After all, that's part of what tuition covers--the ability to learn face-to-face from a learned scholar. Right? Not so fast there, Sparky. There's a new trend afoot in those halls of ivy. I call it the Bangalore Bounce.

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