Impact of Two Repeated High School Grades on Elite Acceptance

Question: I am a high school student who is currently attending a boarding school in the United States. Due to my mother’s job, I had always traveled to different countries and studied in many different places. During my sophomore year; I applied to a boarding school (the one that I am currently attending) as an international student (I am Asian), but they told me to repeat my sophomore year instead of attending the school as a junior because I had missed half a year of school due mainly to family problems, not academic or behavioral problems. I did what they told me and repeated my sophomore year. I did great on both of my sophomore years in Canada and United States, had almost all As with one B and a high GPA. However, I feel like I had almost no extracurricular activities, and the school is not giving me enough support. So I was thinking maybe after this junior year (I am currently a junior in high school), I should transfer to another school for another junior year to brighten up my extracurricular and focus less on my academics to make my applications better. So there are two questions that I want to ask you:

  1. I repeated my sophomore year due to family problems. Will this affect my chances of admission to colleges, especially those prestigious one?
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