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Impact of 8th Grade Infraction for Internet Game on Permanent Record?

Question: My son is in 8th grade, and he got a long-term suspension for playing FMK game (F*ck, Marry, K*ll), a rather popular game on the Internet. He passed notes with his friends listing many people they know at school. He tossed the paper into the recycling bin, but the janitor found it and reported it to the principal. We explained that this is a mindless game that's played by many people, but the principal wouldn't change his mind about the blight on my son's record being permanent until he graduates from high school. How seriously will this be viewed when he applies to college?

I assure you that his episode will have no effect whatsoever on your son's college-admission decisions. His applications will ask about any suspensions he received during high school, but, fortunately, he's not there yet. And, even if he were, this sort of thing can be explained to colleges and would probably be regarded as merely a youthful rite of passage, assuming he's kept his nose clean since.

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