Impact of Lower Scores from Second Testing

Question: My child has taken SAT once and is registered to take it again on June 7th. He is not well prepared. If his scores from the June 7th test are lower than the previous time, will it affect his admission process negatively?

Does he have to report his SAT scores from all attempts for college admission? Or can he choose to report only the best SAT score? He is planning to go to one of the in-state universities.

Some colleges require that students report ALL scores while others allow students to select “Score Choice,” meaning that they only submit their best results. The majority of public universities allow “Score Choice,” but the policies vary from school to school.

The colleges that require all scores almost always tell their applicants that they will only officially “use” the best scores, but they will typically still see everything.

Keep in mind, however, that it is to the college’s advantage … and not just the student’s … to use the best test scores, because then the college can include these higher scores when publishing annual averages.

So if your son does worse tomorrow, it should not have a negative impact on his admission verdicts. And if you feel that he has not adequately prepared, remember that often the mere act of re-taking a take can lead to higher scores, even if the student didn’t have the time … or inclination … to properly study.

Good luck … to both of you.