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If My Early Decision College Says Yes, Will I Ever Know What Yale Might Have Said?

Question: I love my Early Decision school, however I want to know if I am capable of being at least waitlisted at Yale. But I cannot apply to Yale Early Action and to my ED school. If I get into my ED school I will have to withdraw all my apps :(. Is there anything I can do?

If you ever read the Robert Frost poem called "The Road Not Taken" you'll understand that we are all often forced to choose between two disparate paths, realizing that once we have made our selection, we will never know where the other might have led. One of life's great pleasures-- but also among its frustrations--is reflecting on what might have been.

As you are already aware, your Early Decision application will mean that you, too, may spend the rest of your years wondering about your Yale admission verdict. The only way you will know if you might have been admitted--or at least wait-listed--is if you don't get good news in December from your ED school. If that's the case, then you are free to apply to Yale and to hope that their admission folks see something in your application folder that the ED admissions committee may have missed (and this happens all the time).

Of course, if your ED school accepts you in the fall, you can always aim for grad school in New Haven later on ... so the first road that you chose may some day circle back to the one that you passed by. :-)