I Got an Acceptance Letter After I Was Rejected. Is it A Mistake?


I was rejected by my first choice (East Carolina University) in October. I got into another school (Auburn) and figured I will just go there. My family and I went to Alabama last weekend to tour Auburn so I could decide which dorm I liked best before sending in my deposit. When I got home, there was a letter in the mailbox from ECU saying "congratulations, you've been admitted." It made no mention of my first denial. Do I trust that this isn't a mistake? Should I call them? I would rather go to ECU but this is confusing, since I thought I was rejected. Is this common?

No, this isn't common at all! Occasionally, students are admitted following a rejection, but typically this is only after launching a vigorous appeal ... and such appeals are rarely successful.

Have you checked your ECU admissions portal? Is that where you first learned that you were rejected? If you haven't looked there recently, do it now. Then you should definitely call ECU and iron out the confusion. Explain when and how you were notified of your rejection and then report what the portal says today (and what the letter in the mail indicated).

It seems as if every year, at least one college sends out erroneous “Congratulations" letters to applicants that they'd actually intended to deny. But it is indeed unusual for a school to congratulate a student who's already been denied!

Good luck, and let us know what you find out.