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How Will Study Hall on Senior Schedule Affect Academic Scholarship Chances?

Question: Our son, a junior, is in the process of picking out his courses for senior year. Every course he has taken so far has been at the highest level offered by his school, For example, this year he is taking 3 AP courses, 3 honors courses and 1 normal level course (Religion). He has worked his tail off and has gotten excellent grades. He is number 1 in his class. But all of this has come at a cost -- my wife and I don't feel like he is taking enough time away from his studies to enjoy the high school social experience. He wants to take a very aggressive schedule again next year (at least 3-4 more AP + 3 honors courses). My wife and I are wondering if we should encourage him to replace 1 of the AP courses with a study hall so that he will have more time to enjoy his senior year (he will still be taking 3 AP courses). Assuming that he keeps his #1 ranking, will the study hall on the schedule significantly hurt his chances for an academic scholarship?

A study hall on a schedule will not automatically torpedo a student’s shot at scholarships or at acceptances from snazzy, sought-after colleges. However, there are some other considerations to discuss.

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