How Will HS Transfer Impact My Transcript?


I have a question about how colleges will look at my transcript. I moved from a high school that offers a lot of APs and weighted grading to a school with very few APs that does NOT weight grades. How will colleges look at my transcript since half of it has a bunch of APs and a weighted average, but the second half makes it look like I took a step back in rigor and there's no weighted GPA?

First the good news: Admission officials are accustomed to taking a “mix-and-match" approach to evaluating candidates. They often see applications from students who have moved from one high school to another — or even from one country to another — so grading systems, course offerings, etc. can seem out of sync. The admission folks certainly won't view your course selections at your new school as showing a step back in rigor if the more challenging classes simply weren't available.

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