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How Will Colleges Compute Voke School GPA?

Question: You probably get questions about the importance of GPA's a lot but, the difference with me is that I go to a regional vocational. My school consists of Math, History, English, Science, Gym, a shop/trade, and a related class for that shop/trade. The articles I've read about GPA calculation have stated that core academics and foreign languages were calculated. However, my school does not have foreign language class incorporated into its curriculum. The only foreign language class that can be taken is not a full language course but, can be taken after school to get a jump start for college language classes. So basically what I want to know is, how the calculation of GPA's apply to vocational high schools? Are trade/shop credits incorporated into my GPA or are only academics incorporated?

Most high schools--including vocational schools--calculate their own students' GPA's. So if you get graded in your shop and in the related class, then those grades would, presumably, be part of your GPA, along with your grades in your academic subjects.

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