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How Will Admission Officers View an 88 in Community College Class?

Question:Last year I was enrolled in Dual Credit US History at my high school from a local community college. My final grade in both semesters was an 88. How hard will college look and feel about this B.

It's not clear to "The Dean" if you took this class right at your own high school or on an actual college campus. In either case, depending on where you're applying and on the rest of your academic record, a "B" could be a great grade or just a decent one. However, I'm inferring from the tone of your question that you think it's the latter ... i.e., good but not super.

At the more selective colleges, your 88 will probably be viewed as a high "B." Most admission officials will give you credit for traveling beyond your high school to find a potentially challenging class (if you did indeed leave your high school to do so) or, if the class was taught at your school, they'll appreciate the fact that you elected what was presumably one of the more rigorous options available. BUT--at the most hyper-selective colleges--your "competition" will include students who have earned a string of "A's" in community college classes and perhaps even A's in classes at selective four-year schools. So, at these picky places, the high B will probably be regarded as very respectable but not super impressive, even though it was earned in a college-level class.

Nonetheless, wherever you are applying, admission folks won't look at this 88 in a vacuum. They'll be focusing on your overall academic and personal profile and on where this grade fits into the big picture.

(posted 11/02/10)