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How Will Admission Committees View Applicant Limited by Illness?

Question: I have an 11th-grade daughter who has been fighting auto-immune disorder. She has had several flareups which were very severe during the junior year. Because of this condition she has not been able to engage in any extracurricular activities except for volunteering at the library and hospital for almost 200 hours. She has not been able to participate in club activities as that requires her to stay after school when she is always very tired. She has a 4.0 GPA and has taken 4 AP courses at the end of the Junior year and has an SAT of 2200s and SAT subjects (math, chem and bio) in the 700s. Can she even consider to apply to Stanford? How are her chances for UCLA? Will the colleges consider her in a separate category or will the colleges judge her with the rest of the healthy children?

Many college and universities, including Stanford and even giant, public UCLA, practice “holistic” admissions, meaning that they look at a broad range of factors that affect each applicant, not just grades, test scores, and résumé items.

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