How to Handle A Felony Arrest After College Applications, Acceptances


My daughter has applied to four colleges and already heard back from one of them (she got accepted to that one). Last week, she got caught with a drug (LSD) on her and was arrested. She won't have her court date for over a month, but this would be a felony if she is convicted. We aren't sure at this point whether we would still allow her to attend a college where she can't live at home, but that's probably irrelevant to my question: Should we tell all of the colleges about this now, or just the one that accepted her, or none of them? Or do we wait until we find out what happens at court? Or do we do nothing?

I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult situation. Parenting a child through the college admission process (not to mention parenting period) is tough enough without this added heartbreak. And, as you've already implied, you really must address two separate -- but related -- issues here:

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