How to Adjust Your Resume for Every Job Application


With the proliferation of resume templates and advice online, it may seem easier than ever to draft a polished and effective document. What's even more important, however, is to tweak your resume to align with each job application. If your strategy involves sending the same resume to as many positions as possible, stop. An updated 2018 version of an eye-tracking study revealed that on average, recruiters spend 7.4 seconds scanning a resume. That's it. If your resume fails to attract recruiters' attention in those seven seconds, it will be tossed.

When I mention the importance of customizing resumes, many job seekers groan in frustration, expressing the challenge of finding enough time to do what needs to be done before sending in applications. I understand that time is limited and you may need an internship or job right away, but refusing to tailor your resume doesn't save you time; it puts you further behind. Quality over quantity is a good mantra to have. While blasting off the same resume to 50 positions today may feel like an accomplishment, it's unlikely you'll hear back from any of them. Even if after sending in hundreds of applications, you hear back from one or two, the chances of getting to an offer are zero to none.

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