How Should I Count Participation Hours for a Club I Founded?

Question: This is a rather general question that I and a lot of my classmates have (we're international students). We'd all really appreciate it if you could clarify it:

If a student started, say, a club in her senior year, what should she put in the weeks/year section of the Common Application? – the number of weeks that have already been completed, or the number of weeks she's expecting to complete across the year? Thank you so much for your time!!

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And thus you shouldn't put down more weeks on your application than you've already completed so far, but you can use your 150 Common App characters to explain what lies ahead:

Example: Founded & am heading sci-fi book club. Going strong after 6 weeks with heated discussions (and great snacks). Have high hopes for the next 8 months.

If you're also submitting a separate résumé, you can write a bit more there to explain your involvement and goals even further. Note, however, that–while college folks will appreciate the effort involved in launching this enterprise and will value an especially unique idea–they will pay the lion's share of attention to endeavors that show ongoing commitment, rather than to a brand-new one.

But if your club does rock on all year, you can send an “Update Letter" to your target colleges somewhere around late February or early March (depending on their notification date) which provides additional information about the fledgling organization and your role in it. This “Update" concept can be especially helpful if you were deferred in the Early Action/Decision round. By late winter, most seniors (who have been busy with school work and other applications) haven't had time to cure cancer or sing on Broadway, so they are scrambling for material to include in a post-deferral Update. The success of a club you created in the fall is certainly appropriate fodder for this list.

But, meanwhile, it is NOT appropriate to credit yourself for the hours of service that you are merely anticipating right now.