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How Should Hawaiian Student Report GPA on Applications?

Question: I'm currently a sophomore in high school living in Hawaii. I go to a Hawaii public school and we have specific standards as far as grading is concerned (all + and - are not included in final grades). Also, I'm in AP courses. Since these both affect my GPA, I was wondering what GPA to give colleges in my applications. Weighted and/or unweighted? THE Hawaii State standards or the GPA I would get going to a school on the mainland? Thank you for your time.

When it’s time to apply to colleges, you will probably see a section in your applications where you are asked to self-report your GPA. Here, you should provide the same GPA that is on your official high school transcript. If you’re not sure what that is, ask your guidance counselor. If your transcript gives more than one GPA (e.g., a weighted one and an unweighted), give the highest one. (The application form usually asks you to also indicate if the GPA is weighted or not.)

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