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How Often to Contact Admission Offices

Question: We were told to keep in touch and correspond frequently with the colleges we visited. (For example: tell them how much we enjoyed the visit and how much our child is looking forward to attending that school) How do we accomplish this without being too pushy/gushy?

You ask a good question. I don't know who told you to "keep in touch and correspond frequently" but such advice is certainly in vogue these days. A decade or so ago, it was indeed considered good form as well as a sound admission "strategy" for applicants to make their interest known not only to admission staff but also to faculty members. The idea was to get on admission committee radar screens with periodic correspondence, and many students were also advised to contact an appropriate faculty member ("I'm very interested in your area of expertise ...blah, blah, blah" ) with the hope that the prof would champion the candidate's cause at decision time.

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