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How Many Times Can an AP Exam Be Taken?

Question: Is there a limit to the number of times I can take an AP exam, if I want to improve my score?

Here’s the scoop on repeated AP Exams straight from the College Board Web site:

You can take an AP Exam each time it is offered (AP Exams are offered once a year in May). Your grade report will include your grades for all the AP Exams you have taken, including yearly "repeats" of the same subject exam.

Of course, few students will get a shot at an AP test more than twice, unless they try it the first time in the spring of sophomore year. In most cases, it probably doesn’t make sense to go for more than two rounds, anyway, since your score is unlikely to improve after your second attempt, and the tests are costly. If however, you take an exam at the end of your junior year and you score a 3, and you plan to attend a college that gives credit for 4’s and 5’s, it may be worth trying again the following spring. This is particularly true if it’s a subject you’re continuing to study even after completing the AP course.

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