Infographic: See How Many Students Were Admitted off Select Waitlists Last Year

Tim Gouw/Unsplash

If you're one of the students who landed on a waitlist this year, you are probably trying to calculate your odds of getting admitted to the schools that have asked you to wait for a decision. To make that a bit easier, it can be helpful to review how many students were admitted off waitlists last year.

College Confidential examined information from 2019-2020 Common Data Sets at select schools, and put them into the infographic below. Keep in mind that schools don't always repeat the numbers from one year to the next — and that's probably particularly true this year, when things are very different from the norm. But this may help you get a feel for how some schools viewed their waitlists during last year's admissions cycle.

Students admitted off the waitlist last year Credit: Charlie Kim

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