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Is 24 Schools Too Many For My College List?​

My son is working on college applications now. He isn't sure whether he wants to major in communications, psychology, business or physical therapy, so we have a few schools on our list for each. When his counselor saw that he has 24 schools on his list, she called me and seemed annoyed, saying that was too many. She recommended we instead pinpoint schools that have all four majors or that he lists something general as his major and then he can change it if he figures it out later. But I only want him applying to the schools ranked high for each major. Is there a problem with applying to this many schools? My husband says we should do what the counselor advises but I disagree.

The counselor may be cranky, but she's also correct. There are many reasons why your son shouldn't apply to 24 colleges, and here are a few of them:

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