Infographic: Where HS Seniors Stand on Fall 2020 Plans

Diego Nunes/Unsplash

As most people are aware, high school seniors have more on their minds this year than graduation parties and dorm-planning checklists. The reality is that many are unsure of whether their campuses will open this fall, which is impacting decision-making for students all over the world. If you're wondering where current 12th graders stand on autumn plans, one organization aimed to discover the reality.

The Art & Science Group recently distributed a poll asking current high school seniors how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their plans for this fall. The group surveyed 1,171 seniors between April 21 and April 24 to come up with this data. Check out the infographic below to discover the highlights.

Where HS seniors stand on fall plans College Confidential

Source: The Art & Science Group's StudentPOLL "The Certainty of Uncertainty."

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