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How Do We Replace a Lost PSAT Score Report?

Question: We received the PSAT score report from our daughter's high school counselor but have misplaced it. Is there a way to get another copy? We would be willing to pay an additional fee, if needed.

You can actually see your daughter's score report online (along with some other bells and whistles that weren't on the paper version) by registering at

But here's the rub ... in order to do so, you'll need to use an access code that's on the score-report booklet ... the one you don't have. :-(

So these are your options:

-Ask the school guidance counselor if s/he can give you an actual copy of the score report

-If not, the counselor should have the access code you need on the school copy of the report as well as on a master score list

-If you are still striking out (and you shouldn't be), call the College Board at (866) 433-7728 (assuming you're in the U.S.) and ask for a new report. It will be sent to you.

Of course, one other option would be to simply lose something else. Usually the best way to find a missing item is to start searching for another missing item. At least that's the way things seem to work at my house. ;-)