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How do I Handle an Incomplete on My Midyear Report?

Question: My counselor just submitted a mid-year report, but I have an "Incomplete" on my transcript. (I'm still making up a class because I've been sick. ) My GPA and class rank went way down because of this. I emailed him and he said he'll "see if he needs to resubmit it" after my final semester grades come out. I don't think he even mentioned to the colleges in his Midyear Report that I've been sick (which led to the Incomplete) because, even though I explained it to him beforehand, he seemed surprised when I emailed him about it. Could I ask him to resubmit the Midyear Report after my class is made up and to fully explain the reason for the Incomplete? I don't want to seem pushy, but I don't want colleges to think I failed a class for no reason either. Thanks for your advice!

Yes, ask your counselor (nicely, of course) to explain the situation and resubmit a Midyear Report once you get your revised grades. You can also write to the colleges yourself, tell them why you received the Incomplete, and give them the heads-up that an amendment from your counselor with an explanation should be forthcoming. If you go to a large public school or to any school where the guidance counselors carry a big counseling load, you can make a little bit of a joke about that in your note ... something like, "I know that officially this should come from my counselor, and--eventually it will--but with 691 students per staff member around here, you probably won't be surprised to know that things can move glacially."

Also, you might want to mention what your illness was IF it was something that admission folks won't be wary of (e.g, they might be wary of depression, anorexia, stickittotheman-neosis ;-) ... anything that sounds like an ongoing issue that you'll bring to campus with you. If your had flu, strep throat, hemorrhoids ... or whatever won't impact their community six or seven months from now ... no problem).