How do I drop out of college to visit my sick father?

Question: I want to drop out from college because I have to go back to my country and see my sick father. How can I write my dean a letter? And should I get a letter from my sick father addressed to my dean? How can I convince my school so I can officially drop my subject?

I’m sorry to hear about your father’s poor health. I’m sure that attending school far away from home makes a stressful situation even more so. It’s not clear to me if you want to take a temporary break from your college or drop out entirely. If you hope to return, your college probably has an official policy in place that governs leave-of-absence protocol. Before you contact the dean, you should try to find this (look in the Student Handbook which may be available online) and see how the published “rules” mesh with your needs. The official policy may explain what sort of documentation is required, if any (e.g., letter from your father or father’s physician).

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