How Career-Minded Are You?

One of the tools I use for college counseling is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In a nutshell, the MBTI gives high schoolers (and adults of all ages) a look at their preferences about life, which can lead to pointing them in the right direction for a college major and life's work. It helped me to finally understand some of my own behaviors, about which I was puzzled. (Don't worry; I haven't completely figured out myself yet.)

The publisher of the MBTI is CPP. They have just done a survey of high school and community college students that had some interesting results. The study showed that career is high on students' priority lists. An overwhelming majority of participants (81%) said they either “constantly" or “frequently" think about their future career, and 42% (the largest group of respondents for the category) reported that career is “top of mind."

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