Honors Class with Too-Tough Teacher Vs. Regular Version?


Question: My son is a high school junior and is doubling up on sciences this year. He is taking AP Chemistry and Physics Honors together. This is so that he can take an advanced science next year. The problem is his Physics Honors teacher is known for hard tests and not much teaching. Only four or five students from his class last year scored an "A." He is considering dropping the honors class down to the academic version and I am not sure if it's a good idea to do that. Many college forums say colleges look at the rigor of curriculum as well. Can you advise?

Does your son's high school add “weight" to AP and honors classes? If so, then he should probably stick with the honors class, unless it's already causing him great anxiety. (More on that in a minute.) If his school weights grades, and if your son were to get a “B" in that class, it would still count as an “A" with the added bonus point. And it would look better on his transcript to have a "B" in the tougher course rather than an "A" in the easier one, particularly because he's a junior now, and the college folks will scrutinize this year's course choices more carefully than they will look at previous ones.

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