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History M.A. Scholarship for 69-year-old?

Question: I am 69 years old and graduated 3 years ago from a college in Missouri with a 3.77 GPA. This was all online course work as the distance does not permit me to travel that much. I have some back trouble. My major is History. I used student loans for my education and was unable to repay them because my wife passed away with cancer 4 years ago and my financial situation did not permit me to pay. The Aid people forgave my loans after a period of time. I'd be interested in pursuing a Master's degree in History if I could do it online and with scholarship money to finance it. Is this possible? Please advise.

As a senior citizen myself (I'm 66), “The Dean" applauds your interest in continuing your education. However, I am not going to be very useful when it comes to helping you find money to fund your Master's degree, and I fear it will be an uphill battle for you. There are some scholarships for history graduate schools that you can find via a Google search ... but they are typically quite competitive and also so small (usually in the $1000 range) that they won't make much of a dent in the cost of your degree.

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