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Historically Black College for Out-of-State Student?

Question: How can I attend an Historically Black college if I live in a state that does not have one?

There are about 81 Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU's) in the U.S.. and, of these, just over half are private institutions. This means that there are no cost cuts for students who reside in the state where the college is located, and the majority of students may come from elsewhere. In fact, the best known HBCU's, such as Howard University in Washington, D.C., Spelman and Morehouse colleges in Atlanta, GA, Fisk University in Nashville, TN, and Hampton U, in Hampton, VA, draw students from throughout the U.S.and beyond, with most students hailing from out of state. Even some of the public HBCU's, such as Grambling State in Louisiana and Jackson State in Mississippi, attract a third or more of their student populations from beyond state borders. Although students at the private HBCU's do not benefit from lower in-state tuition, they may still be able to take advantage of both need-based and merit-aid financial aid awards.

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