Paying for College

Higher Education Hunger

Eating while in college. That phrase conjures images of the so-called "Freshman 10" (or more realistically these days, the "Freshman 15"), which refers to the weight gain many new college students experience their first year away from home on campus. For me, that phrase brings back memories of the Hilltop Sub Shop, which was right across the street from my freshman dorm. My roommate and I contributed heavily to keeping the HSS in business. Every evening we would flip a coin to see who would "fly" (make the food run) and who would buy. I can still taste those steak sandwiches, slathered in mayonnaise. But I digress.

Unfortunately, the reality for some college students these days is not adorned with growing waistlines or mayo-covered steak sandwiches. The picture is much more serious. In fact, a growing number of students have come to rely on government support, in the form of food stamps. I was unaware of how widespread the problem is until I saw the details in a recent news article.

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