High Schoolers: Six Steps to Get A Jump on Senior Year


We're about to head into July. Most high schoolers have been out of school since early to mid-June. If you are a rising senior, you've probably had a couple weeks to decompress from the academic rigors of your critical junior year. I say “critical" because -- if you're planning on heading to college in 2020 -- your academics and activities during your junior year will be an important component of your college process success.

Summer will pass by in a hurry, much like a fast-moving freight train roars through a railroad crossing. This is where procrastination can be a sneaky thief of your time. You may be thinking, “Great! I have the whole summer ahead of me. Time to have some fun!" I agree. You should have some well-earned fun, but be careful that the “fun" part of your summer doesn't become the main part of you summer. I suggest using part of your summer to get a head start on your fast-approaching senior year.

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