High School Transfer in Senior Year?

Question: My son has been attending a great private school since his freshman year, but he is socially miserable. My husband and I would like to give him a happy senior year -- and since all of his friends attend the local private school, we would like to transfer him there. Will transferring senior year hurt his chances of getting into a good four-year college? His GPA has been a steady 3.8.

For starters, I'm going to assume that the local private school does have room for your son at this late date. If so, then certainly the transfer will not hurt your son's chances of getting into a "good" four-year school. But if you really mean, "Will it affect his college admission odds in any way and limit his options, especially if he plans to apply to Ivies or other hyper-selective colleges?" then the answer is an unsatisfying "maybe."

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