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Help With Columbia Deferral Reversal

I first of all want to say how much I appreciate the amount of insight about the college application process that is available on College Confidential. I would truly be lost without the advice. That said, I am a high school senior who worked really hard on her college applications, especially the one to Columbia University in New York City. Last Thursday I checked my application status and was deferred under Columbia's Early Decision program. Is there any hope for me in the regular applicant pool? Is there anything I can do between now and March that will increase my chances of getting accepted? I would truly appreciate any advice you can offer me. I've done my research and strongly feel Columbia us the school for me.

Thank you for your kind words about College Confidential and condolences on your Columbia Early Decision deferral. But don’t give up hope! Colleges do not defer applicants who have no prayer of Regular Decision acceptance. (Well, okay, occasionally they do, but those are special circumstances, typically reserved for the children of faculty, big-donor alums, or other VIP's. If you don't fall into any of those categories, then it means that Columbia may still want you ... even if they don't seem to want you right now.)

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