Help For Struggling Physics Student with College Acceptance+Merit Aid

Question: My son a high school senior – got accepted to large out of state university in their honors programs and with a significant merit scholarship. His ACT was a 33 and GPA 3.4 at selective public high school. He is currently taking AP Physics and really struggling – currently with a D+ for the year. Getting support from a tutor – and his other grades (AP Govt – A; Engineering A, English B, Spanish B and Calculus B. Concerned about best direction to take with the class – he does not need it to graduate – could drop, could move to regular physics, or tough it out and hope. Not sure how to discuss with his university.

Unfortunately, your son needs to bite the bullet and contact the university directly and explain his situation, just as you have explained it to me. He must ask if his acceptance will be rescinded if he drops the course. In cases like these, it's actually more common for an acceptance to be revoked if the student drops a challenging class like AP Physics without telling admission folks than if the student continues with the class and gets a D in it, as long as the student has clearly made an effort to do better.

Thus I suggest that he does this:

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