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Help! My Counselor Reference is Missing Post-Deadline!

Question: Yesterday I called my first-choice college to make sure they have all my application stuff. (Deadline was Jan. 15, nearly two weeks ago). I was told that my guidance counselor reference is missing. My counselor said she sent it right after the vacation, so I'm pretty freaked out. She said she could send another one, but I'm worried that this will hurt my admission chances. Will it? Should I contact all my other colleges to make sure that her reference isn't missing there, too?

We've all heard of the "January Thaw," which those of us in the Northeast look forward to each year (though, so far, we're still seeing single-digit lows here in New England). But there's also a ""January Panic." That's when seniors learn that critical components of their applications have not arrived in admission offices even though deadlines have passed.

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