Help! I Miswrote My Name on the SAT!

Question: I have mistakenly written my last name as first name and first name as last name on the SAT reasoning test. What can I do? I am afraid that my won't be able to receive the score. Please help me!!! I am so scared!!!

Don't sweat this. People make such mistakes all the time. Telephone the College Board and tell them about yours:

Here are the numbers to try:

Domestic (866) 756-7346

International (212) 713-7789

You can also try email, although a phone call might put you out of your misery more promptly:

Note, however, that when dealing with big bureaucracies like the College Board, you may encounter customer service reps who aren’t as up to speed as they should be. So if the person who fields your phone call seems confusing or incompetent, just hang up and try again. And when you make your call, be sure to explain specifically WHERE you miswrote your name. If it was on the test itself and not on the registration, be very clear about that.

You may need a little patience to get through this, but it’s not an egregious error. You can also ask your school guidance counselor to help you navigate this maze, if you think that your counselor might have the time to do it.

Good luck, and don’t worry. If you get a chance, let me know how you made out.

(posted 10/6/2012)