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Help-I Made a Mistake on my Common App!

Question: I've just noticed that there is an error in my Common Application's extracurricular section. I put 10th grade instead of 11th grade... Should I notify my college (Stanford University) about this? Or will it just be bothersome to them to hear from me again? AHHHHHHHH SOOOO FRUSTRATEDDDDDD!!!!

Sounds to The Dean that this is No Big Deal and not worth "repairing" ... or losing any sleep over either. (In my experience, Stanford aspirants don't sleep too much to begin with!) But please clarify ... did you do this for ALL activities (so that it looks like you had NO activities whatsoever in your junior year) or was it just for one (or perhaps a couple) of them?

If you made the error for only one or two activities, I would let it go. But if your app seems to suggest that you spent all of junior year playing XBox or watching Family Guy reruns, then that's a different story. Similarly, if it was a MAJOR activity (e.g., class president, Student Body president, Teen Jeopardy finalist) that was mistakenly moved to grade 10, you probably want Stanford to know that you did this rather recently and not as a sophomore. (If your sophomore EC list looks very strong but your junior list just so-so, someone might wonder why you were slacking.)

So, if you give "The Dean" more specifics, I can better advise you.

(posted 11/14/2011)