Help for Disadvantaged Student from India

Question: I'm a student from India who basically comes from the Indian ghetto or slums. I have to work for 7 hours to earn my school fee.

I took the SAT and SAT II and my scores are 2320 and 800, 790, 790 respectively but my school graduation percent is low (89%) but I also won state science project award five times in row and 27 awards in arts.

If I explain the university admissions officer about my situation will they compensate my school graduation percent?

Your school graduation rate might actually work in your favor, rather than against you. College officials will be impressed with the fact that you have succeeded so well in spite of the fact that you come from a disadvantaged background and from a school that doesn't typically prepare high achievers.

When you complete your college applications, be sure to use the required essay or the "Additional Information" section to explain your background and the obstacles you have surmounted.

I'm sure you will be an attractive candidate at most colleges, but do note that competition for financial aid for international students is EXTREMELY keen and that thousands of deserving applicants from India in particular seek admission to US institutions every year. Be sure to apply to a wide range of colleges, not just to those that are most famous and sought-after.

Good luck to you!

(posted 7/5/2012)