Help for Despondent Son in Waitlist Limbo

Question: My high school senior was accepted to six schools, to one of which we had to submit a deposit. His first choice wait listed him, and now he anxiously waits. He revisited the week after the university notified him of his status, he spoke with his regional admissions counselor on campus, spoke with a lovely professor who gave him an additional recommendation while there and has since submitted his third quarter grades and more recent honors. He has a very high GPA and a 30 ACT. In fact, he is in the middle-upper range of admitted students at this East Coast school, which is quite selective and on the smaller side.

Now, It’s May 3. The Admissions Committee is likely deciding who to admit off the waitlist. My son is physically ill, anxious and refuses to accept that he is likely to attend the other school. Is there anything else he can do to help his chances and get him admitted off the wait list? Is it silly for him to retain any hope after a certain point, like the end of May? I think he should be cautiously optimistic.

This situation is worse than being rejected. He is so disappointed in himself, and I only want him to be happy and mentally move forward if he truly has no realistic chances to attend this school. Do you have any advice about this Wait list Limbo? I would greatly appreciate your input. Watching my son struggle with this is so difficult, and I feel so helpless.

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