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Help! My College Closed and My Diploma Has My Old Name On It!

Question: I graduated from Heald College (unfortunately), just before they lost their accreditation. And I did acquire a degree. However I have since changed my name. I was wondering if I am fully out of luck here in getting my corrected name on my Degree. Because I cannot get a position with the name ON my degree. If so, are there any other suggestions?

There are two separate but intersecting issues here. The first is the name change, and you are far from alone. A lot of former college students ... mostly women but also men ... will spend much of their adult lives using a different name than the one on their transcript and diploma. Most commonly this change is made due to marriage, sometimes due to divorce, and occasionally for a range of other reasons. From Cassius Clay to Caitlyn Jenner, there are many folks who have altered or abandoned the name they used in their teens and twenties.

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