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Helicopter Parents Hovering More

Back in the day, when I applied to college, my parents barely knew where I was applying. Neither of them went to college, so they weren't privy to even the Fred Flintstone methodology of college admissions in the mid-'60s (that's the 1960s, for all of you who think I'm older than dirt). It's not that they didn't care; they really did. It's just that they had no idea how to help me, other than to offer their ongoing love and moral support. I filled out a single, one-page application and didn't even have to write an essay. My entire college application process took maybe 20 minutes.

Things are a lot different today. Seniors are applying to 15, 20, even 30 colleges! Don't believe me? Check this out. The pressure to get into a good school, many times exacerbated by parental pressure, has escalated sharply over the past decade or so and shows no sign of abating. In fact (and this--finally--is the point of my post today), parental pressure and what I call "snoopervision" is at an all-time high. Thanks to a recent survey, we now have hard numbers to verify that statement.

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