Harvard Chances with B's?

Question: Hello Dean, will Harvard reject me if I have B's in my transcript? Can the SATs, subject tests and activities cover my low GPA? I am of Chinese descent and am the VP of mandarin club this year, and the founder of my school chamber orchestra. I played the violin for 11 years and attended three other outside adults orchestras. I also attended a series of summer music enrichments with a famous US orchestra member and numerous quartets and concerts. Will my passion to music cover the flaws of my low GPA? Do I have any chance to get accept into Harvard? And I speak fluent mandarin too.

“The Dean" does not do “chances." If you would like to pay $150 for a professional College Karma “Stats Evaluation," I think you will find it money well spent. Go to look for “Stats Eval" near the top of the page. The evaluation will give you your “chances" at Harvard and at any other college you name on the Stats form. It will also give you suggestions on how to improve those chances, when possible, and will provide recommendations of other colleges that meet your profile and preferences.

Although it is irresponsible for this “Dean" to offer you admission odds without a lot more information, what I CAN tell you is that that Harvard is swamped with Asian applicants who have top test scores and very strong music accomplishments on their applications. Many speak Mandarin and other languages fluently as well. So you haven't shown me anything that will distinguish you in this hyper-competitive crowd. You also haven't told me if you have just one or two B's on your record or many. Although Harvard does admit only outstanding students, there is some wiggle-room for less-than-perfect grades … especially when other achievements overshadow them. However, from what you've said, your accomplishments are impressive but hardly unique.

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