Should Half-Asian Applicant Disclose Ethnicity on Applications?

Question: To tick or not tick the “Asian" box on common app. My daughter is half Asian. There are many articles about how admissions decisions (scores, etc) seem stacked against asian students. I don't believe this is a required box to check on the common app? Any reason we shouldn't check “other" or “prefer not to answer" (if this is even an option), or leaving it blank (if this is an option)? Or do you think doing so will be even more of a red flag for highly selective admissions?

“The Dean" came of age in the Popeye the Sailor Man “I Yam What I Yam" era. So it irks me to observe students strategizing about how to present themselves on college applications. But, on the other hand, the colleges irk me even more because it's their practices that make these concerns necessary.

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