Haas School of Business for International Freshman?

Question. I am not an American citizen. Does Haas school of Business admit international freshmen? I was trying to apply online and I was shown that no majors can be chosen by me. Please help and let me know how to go about the application if the same is allowed.

The Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley does not admit ANY freshmen to its undergraduate program … international or otherwise. Haas is for junior-level transfers, whether from within Berkeley or elsewhere.

Note, however, that Haas rarely admits applicants who are applying directly from international institutions, and transfer priority is given to candidates who are U.S. citizens, California residents, and are transferring from a California community college.

According to the Haas Web site: International students interested in the business major typically complete Haas admission requirements at a California Community College and apply for transfer from that institution.

As a freshman applicant, you could also try applying to Berkeley's College of Letters and Science, indicating your major as “Undeclared—Pre-Business Administration.”

Good luck!

(posted 10/27/2011)