H-1 Visa Question

Question: My student is attending high school in Colorado. He is here on his father's H-1 visa. Can he attend an American University? Is he eligible to apply for any scholarships with this status?

"H-1" refers to the visa type assigned to foreign nationals who are in temporary employment or training situations under the supervision of specific employers in the U.S. This covers a broad range of situations including migrant workers, Department of Defense assignments, registered nurses, trainees in an exchange program, and even a "Fashion Model of Distinguished Merit and Ability," designated visa type H-1B3.

In any of these categories, a student who would normally be required to file for an F-1 visa for full-time study in the U.S. need not do so in order to study at a U.S. college or university. Your student may attend any university, public or private, that chooses to accept him and can study full or part time without filing for an F-1 visa. However, the student is limited to study for the duration of the parent's stay, as indicated on the parent's H-1 visa. The down side to the H-1 visa is that no dependent is eligible for F-1 visa type benefits, such as on-campus employment or

practical training.