Should Guidance Counselor Call Ivies to Advocate for Admission?

Question: A colleague recommended that my daughter, who is seeking admissions to two Ivy League schools, ask her guidance counselor (he said her “college placement person”) to call the schools to let them know how strong a candidate she is and how well she would do at the schools. Do you agree with this recommendation?

Colleges … especially the most sought-after ones … do not want to hear from guidance counselors by telephone right now, during their craziest season, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Presumably, your daughter’s counselor advocated for her acceptance when submitting the transcript and “School Report,” which includes a required counselor recommendation.

So the counselor should only contact the colleges by telephone if there is some new or revised information that should be reported pronto. This could include anything from, “Hilda’s AP Physics teacher ran off with the babysitter last Tuesday, so that’s why there’s no science grade yet on her latest report card,” to, “When I wrote Hilda’s recommendation back in December, I didn’t know her well. But in recent weeks we’ve served together on our school’s Racism Awareness Committee and I’ve been blown away by how wise and articulate she is …”

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